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PC Health Optimizer 2.5

It is free, efficient and user friendly; and a pro version is also available
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Retina-X Studios, LLC

PC Health Optimizer is a well known product of Retina-X Studios.It is a unique set of over 25 maintenance tools to improve system performance and security. This suite of utilities will identify and eliminate problems with one click. It corrects problems in many areas of your computer including hard disks, memory, registry and more. Besides giving your computer optimum performance, Anti-Spyware programs are included in the suite to give you the protection you need to stay secure on the Internet. It is a group of software marketed as a package. In a word, PC Health Optimizer is a very nice, easy to use and all-around system tool. Not only can beginners use it easily, but also experienced users can use it for advanced application. PC Health Optimizer also provides a free trial. The most important features of this software is that it contains almost all the features that are needed to keep a computer safe and secure. And thereby there is no need of installing several programs for different functions. The free edition contains many features but not as many as in the commercial edition. When we use the software there is no decrease in the performance of the computer and the disk cleaning option is also much safer and does not remove any system files.

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  • Simple interface
  • Doesn't need any extra configuration
  • No need of installing several programs for memory optimization and for other purposes


  • Spyware cleaner does not clean efficiently
  • Update of antispyware is not very efficient
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